All levels BJJ program [single leg X >>class footage]

August 21, 2021
Legion 13 Perth Hills

All levels BJJ program, is designed to take our students game to the next level. There’s no hiding it, they’re more challenging but also more rewarding.

The classes, have an advanced focus on transition techniques, positions and strategies for at least one month before moving on to a new theme.

Every member yes! Beginners too are all encouraged to attend if they want to advance their skills to make their Jiu-Jitsu smooth, technical and more competitive against another practitioner

Take a look, at Mike from a Wednesday 7pm all level gi class teaching how to take control of the match from standing on your own terms and pull to single leg X.

Unit 1 14-16 Stanhope Gardens, Midvale,
WA 6056 Australia

0433 356 559

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