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This method of taking the back from closed guard is used when an untrained opponent tripods to use all of their body weight to apply an attack with the forearm across your neck. Occasionally, a more experienced opponent looking for a distraction to gain posture or to make you open the legs to start a […]
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INTRO 101 : Overview of positions [video]
An example of a video course which is currently in progress for our 101 intro course with an overview of the basic BJJ positions.  For new students, we know starting out can be a battle with so much to learn. That’s why we continue to work on these courses as an extra resource to offer […]
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Classes are Back Monday 15th
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Closed for another week…….
Members!!!! PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAILS AND THE APP FOR MORE DETAILS……… L13HILLS will be closed for another week. We would rather wait it out until February 14th to many negatives an issues for us. We look forward to living and rolling the lifestyle, we have been doing for the last 10 months(pending govt….)whats another week […]
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