Beginners Self Defence

Beginner Self Defence

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Beginner Self-Defence | Self Protection | Confidence | Physically Strong

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Explore How Our Beginners Self-Defence Program May Benefit You

Do you want to learn how to protect yourself from an attacker? Do you want to know how to negate threatening situations? We are here to provide you with beginner self-defence classes for adults as well as kids. Nothing can make you feel better knowing that you can protect yourself and your family. Because being able to protect yourself builds a high confidence level that can only be gained by taking self-defence classes. Remember, self-defence is not only all about learning how to PROTECT yourself; it also involves how to enforce boundaries before it even gets physical.

Our BJJ basics and self-defence classes will teach you some practical moves for self-protection which will in turn give you a confidence boost as well. In fact, with Legion 13 self-defence training, you will also develop other diverse skills as well.

About Our Beginner Self-Defence Classes!

At Legion 13, we believe in providing the basic foundations of martial arts, so that the students can learn self-defence skills as early as possible. The students in our beginner class can also attend our all level classes to advance their skills (If they desire, no student is ever excluded from any classes at L13HILLS).

Our beginner self-defence program classes are approximately 1 hour long. The program is a 20 week rotating curriculum. Designed keeping in view that beginners can start at any time they want.

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Why you should try our beginners self-defence program

Benefits of our beginner self-defence classes

Improved long-term fitness with consistency

Unleash self-esteem and self-discipline in all parts of life

Learn visual communication

Improve memory and leadership qualities

Works on your balance

Focus, respect, and patience

Beginners Self Defence

Assists in goal setting

Improve physical conditioning

Increase strength as well as coordination

Happy and healthy

Awareness of surroundings

Increase motivation to reach your full potential

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what to expect in our self-defence training program?


Classes based on individual requirements

All the self-defence classes for beginners at Legion 13 are based on the individual requirements of every student. Every person who has taken the course will work together, hence helping each other grow.


Engaging and fun classes

Unlike other self-defence classes which become boring quickly, all the classes at Legion 13 Perth Hills are engaging and fun so that our students do not get bored or uninvolved. At Legion 13, we aim to provide a safe as well as a positive learning environment so that the students can get the best out of the class.


Teaches confidence and leadership

The students can develop confidence and leadership in just a few classes.


Professional and trained instructors

All self-defence classes at Legion 13 are delivered by accredited instructors who are professionally-qualified and fully-trained. They know very well how to provide expert coaching, keeping in view the individual requirements of every student. They are passionate about sharing martial arts skills. Moreover, our instructors serve as an excellent role model to make students reach their true potential.


Develop strength and fitness

Each class in the self-defence course keep the students healthy and active, hence developing strength, fitness as well as coordination. With a strong emphasis on self-defence, the students can learn the basics of self-defence in our beginner courses.
Not only this but each class our beginner course teaches the student self-defence skills, not the skills of getting into fights. It also helps them to develop the necessary skills in order to protect themselves from street situations of bullies.

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