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Self-Protection, Physically Strong and Mentally Indestructible.

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Modern martial art classes for all ages

women’s Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Perth, Western Australia

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It smashes ideas about what a woman “should” or “shouldn’t” be 

Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes have become so popular with females that we now have two dedicated classes a week to offer women and girls a chance to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. and to pursue their interest in martial arts in maximum comfort.

They are ideal for beginners to learn quickly under the guidance and support of experienced female coaches who have been where you are right now! They have accomplished their goals and more and are ready to pass their knowledge & skills to help other mums, daughters, sisters and friends.

why should women train bjj?

Regain Control of Your Fitness

Say goodbye to the fitness grind. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a one of a kind strength-building, endurance-pushing full body workout that’ll get the heart rate up and sweat pouring. Finding a sport or workout that you enjoy and can stick to for the long term is hard and that is why this sport and self-defence system has become so popular. Unlike most fitness plans you have tried in the past, where it becomes boring really quickly, learning BJJ becomes even more fun as your skills develop over time. You’ll never have to motivate yourself to come to class, you’ll be counting down the minutes until your next session… and you’ll become incredibly fit while enjoying yourself immensely!



There is no secret technique that will get you out of every situation, no magic martial art that will make you invincible, and there is no 6-week course that is going to prepare you to fight off an attack. However, BJJ levels the playing field so much that even a small woman can develop the ability to neutralise a much stronger male attacker. It was designed for a weaker, smaller person to defeat a stronger larger opponent. It relies on skill & technique, not size or strength. BJJ has been proven and will give you piece of mind to know that when the time comes you will not be an easy target for any knuckleheads or predators.


Sure, you will lose weight and get fit, but the biggest asset for you is the confidence that you will instil in yourself. You will be more invested in your abilities than your appearance. You will feel empowered with increased mental, physical, emotional and spiritual strength. You will be proud of the role model you become for children and inspire everyone you know when they see the transformation of your improved health, fitness and the newfound sense of security that you can face any challenge life throws at you.

Why you should try brazilian jiu-jitsu

Benefits of Brazilian

A full body workout that builds a lean, strong body

Unleash new levels of confidence and self-esteem in all parts of life

Socialise, have fun and build life-long friendships

Womens only BJJ

Protect yourself and your loved ones from physical attacks

Calm the mind, relieve stress and handle any challenge

Develop powerful discipline and endless motivation to reach your full potential

about legion 13 perth hills bjj

Why choose legion 13 perth Hills?

Our coaches are passionate about sharing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and not just the art but the lifestyle that comes with it. The sisterhood, comradery and support is like no other. You’ll form an instant connection with female & male BJJ practitioners.


It’s the premier BJJ school in the local area


Experienced professional female coaches & mentors


Specially designed hygienic and clean facility


Welcoming, supportive and friendly environment


100% Authentic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Become part of the wider world Legion 13 Team

Unit 1 14-16 Stanhope Gardens, Midvale,
WA 6056 Australia

0433 356 559

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