Crush Your Fitness Goals and Clear the Mind.

brazilian jiu jitsu
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Modern martial art classes for all ages

Adult’s Kickboxing in Perth, Western Australia


Imagine if you could Punch, kick and strike like an elite martial arts fighter.

If you’re looking for a hardcore MMA gym, then you better look elsewhere. We promise you a safe and fun environment with an excellent group of people with welcoming attitudes and no egos.

Our Kickboxing classes are designed to crush your fitness goals, clear the mind and give you practical elite striking skills. All in a fun and social environment. From just a single 1-hour session you’ll feel the benefits.

about our kickboxing program

Our kickboxing program is unique. A style you won’t find anywhere else. It combines the most effective techniques of Muay Thai, Dutch-style kickboxing, Savate (French kickboxing), western boxing, Karate and more into one ultimate fighting style.

The result? A comprehensive system of stand-up striking that’s designed for modern combat sports and mixed martial arts.

The teachings have been designed by our renowned experts and are taught by our team of passionate master instructors. Over 50 year of combined martial arts experience is behind our Academy. And it’s all done in our welcoming, ego-free and supportive team environment. Make working out, something you want to do. Not something, you have to do.


just one session can change everything

Overworked, Stressed By Daily Life, Time Poor, Not Looking After Your Health?

This is the typical student when they first walk into our Academy. Crushed under the constant pressures of life’s to-do’s, but wanting to make a change. The kind of change that our academy brings to our students from shedding unwanted weight, overcoming anxiety and stress, becoming more confident or mastering self-discipline and motivation.

WARNING: This kickboxing system will not only take you out of your comfort zone and smash your fitness goals but also give you the elite martial arts skills and knowledge to become a skilled, efficient and effective striker.

Why you should try kickboxing

some of the benefits of our kickboxing program?

Gain practical combat skills

Lose weight, gain muscle

Boost your confidence

brazilian jiu jitsu

Get a TOTAL body workout 

Life-saving self defence skills

Get social, have fun

About the Program

what to expect in our kickboxing program for adults?


gain practical combat skills 

Develop powerful strength, speed, coordination and balance. Discover how to stand like an experienced fighter, throw basic punches and kicks and put powerful combinations together


lose weight, gain muscle

Strip off unwanted weight, gain muscle and tone your entire body with the BEST full body workout available. Target every major muscle group and burn up to 1000 calories per hour.

Sure beats slaving away on a treadmill!


boost your confidence

It’s not just about physical benefits… Skyrocket your confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline in all aspects of life, helping you do better at work, feel more confident in social situations and more motivated to achieve your goals.


get a total body workout

Looking for extra energy to get you through the day? Or have you got bigger fitness goals? Doesn’t matter your goals or fitness levels, kickboxing is a TOTAL body workout that kicks your cardiovascular system into overdrive.

Unit 1 14-16 Stanhope Gardens, Midvale,
WA 6056 Australia

0433 356 559

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