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Unique customised female only martial art classes with expert women coaches.

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Modern women’s martial art classes for all ages

Why BJJ is the best Self-defence for women

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There is more than one reason why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu should be the first stop for women wanting to start martial arts for self-defence.

Most martial arts rely heavily on striking and it’s not feasible in reality to think a smaller woman can knock out a much larger man. Also, most attacks on females are hands on attacks like being grabbed, thrown to the ground or choked. As Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, is a grappling based martial art it covers all of these scenarios and more.

At legion 13 Perth Hills in a very short amount of time you will understand how to use leveraged based techniques which you will commit to muscle memory.

More than just Techniques

Jiu-Jitsu doesn’t just have an advantage because of techniques that are designed for a smaller weaker person to dominate a stronger person. You will also get to inoculate yourself to the shock of an initial assault of being grabbed or held.

Eventually women who train BJJ will train with all different body types, sizes and all genders in a controlled environment rolling/sparring. You will be put under pressure out of your comfort zone to practice your techniques with a completely resistant opponent, developing reflexes and a mindset of weathering the storm for survival and to naturalise your training partner.

The confidence instilled from just being able to get to this stage even at a beginner level reduces the risk of becoming a target in the first place. We can tell you of so many stories where ladies at our academy have not been training long and were assaulted or threatened and were able control themselves emotionally to not freeze up but, to stand-up for themselves and set boundaries.

adult bjj

Why you should try brazilian jiu-jitsu

Benefits of Brazilian

A full body workout that builds a lean, strong body

Unleash new levels of confidence and self-esteem in all parts of life

Socialise, have fun and build life-long friendships

brazilian jiu jitsu

Protect yourself and your loved ones from physical attacks

Calm the mind, relieve stress and handle any challenge

Develop powerful discipline and endless motivation to reach your full potential

About the Program

What to Expect In Our womens only martial arts classes


Beginner Friendly

Whether you’re in your early 20s looking for a new way to workout, in your 30s wanting to blow off steam after work, or getting back into fitness in your 40s or 50s, we’ve got a place on the mat for you. At Legion 13, you’re not just another membership number at a gym. You’re part of a team that pushes you to succeed.

Nervous about starting something new? Don’t be. Everyone in our academy was a beginner at some point. You’ll have the total support of every student and instructor from day one.


For All Fitness Levels

Whether you haven’t worked out in a while (or ever!), go to the gym every now and then or have run a marathon, our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes are made for all fitness levels.

No matter your starting point, simply tell us your long-term fitness goals and we’ll get you there. Because it’s our job to get you fitter. To push you towards life-changing health and fitness through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


A Safe Ego- Free Environment

There are no egos or UFC wannabes at Legion 13 Midland. Walk through our academy doors and you’ll be surrounded by supportive, positive students. And with our experienced instructors watching over every session, there’s never a risk of getting hurt.

We’ve spent years building our respectful culture and safe learning environment. And we’ll never compromise it by letting egos or negative attitudes into our academy.


A Modern Way of Martial Art

Legion 13 teaches a modern style of martial arts for today’s world. Easy to follow and understand, there are no centuries’ old rituals, over-the-top etiquette or restrictive discipline that take all the fun out of learning new skills. Simply a relaxed, enjoyable, modern way of martial arts.

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WA 6056 Australia

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