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July 15, 2019

Name: Deon
Age: 33
Occupation: Systems Administrator

Deon has been training at Legion 13 Perth Hills for 19 months and trains up to 4 times per week. He is like many of our members and is not a natural athlete by any means.When booking, for his first intro he did’nt even have any workout attire to wear. However, if you see him now on our mats you would never believe it. As he is known for his tight closed guard and his slick guard retention and his huge lifestyle change and weight loss of 25 kg.

What brought you too Legion 13 & why Brazilian Jiu – Jitsu?

A Facebook advert. 10 Lessons. $97. What did I have to lose? I wanted something I could pour my energy into and the ad was in the right place at the right time.

How was your first ever class?

Both awkward and rewarding. Having a higher belt assisting me for the very first intro class made it smoother than I honestly expected. I certainly walked away keen to learn more.

What has been the biggest benefit you have got from training?

The single biggest benefit is my overall fitness. I’ve lost a stack of weight and gained an impressive amount of stamina. There are most certainly strength gains too.

How does it feel to be finally be in the coloured belts?

I guess I haven’t really had a chance to have it sink in yet. There are all these little milestones that happen, all these little pieces that click together. Blue to me feels like I’ve got this basic structure built from all those pieces that I can build on further. It’s a reflection of the training and time, as well as the personal growth that’s happened since starting BJJ.

Any advice for people just getting started or new to Jiu Jitsu?

It’s easy to say now that I’m hooked, but honestly? If you’re remotely interested and haven’t started – Just give it a crack. All the places and people I’ve trained with have been amazing, and never have I felt that someone new was unwanted or unappreciated. We were all new once – and we know what BJJ has done for us so we want others to experience the same. You will quite often find you’ll be accepted into the fold before you even start your first class!

If you’ve already started, but still new – just keep training. Ask questions. Keep showing up to classes. I know it’s daunting sometimes, but every class you get a little bit tighter, a little bit faster, a little bit more comfortable. My first big “aha!” moment was the day I stopped worrying about being in a bad position or underneath someone. I found that concentrating on breathing meant everything else slowed down and I started seeing more and more opportunities.

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