New Schedule Changes

September 28, 2022
Legion 13 Perth Hills

Now, don’t get your gi in a knot. Not much has changed, we are only adding and changing a few things including changing some classes to nogi for the warmer months.

The following changes will take effect starting Friday 7th of October:

1. Due to popularity and harassment from the early bird crew we will be adding a nogi 6am class on Fridays (starts Friday 7 October).

2. Due to unpopularity, Open Mat on Fridays has been canned!! However, because of some great support from some of our most technical higher belts, it will be replaced with a more structured session including a Q&A and open mat afterwards.

Drills, skills and rolls: Fridays 6:00pm to 7:00pm:
☑️BJJ specific warm up
☑️Positional sparring
☑️Timed rounds (rolling)

This will be a good hour of power and a chance to hone your movements to muscle memory and push your conditioning and fitness to another level.

Open mat plus Q&A : Fridays 7:00pm to 7:30pm
Get some extra rounds in, make time to get some extra reps on a technique, troubleshoot a problem position or ask a question to the coaches and more experienced practitioners they love to show off their unbeatable magic tricks.

3. Classes that will change from gi to nogi from Friday 7th of October, until advised otherwise in 2023.

    Monday 4:45pm advance squad kids (starts 10th Oct)
    Wednesday 7:00pm adults all levels (starts 12th Oct)
    Friday BJJ adults drill for skill & rolls (starts 7th Oct)



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WA 6056 Australia

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