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Black Belt number 3 started at 47
Honoured to promote our third black belt at BJJ Legion 13 Perth Hills in Midvale at the Peter De Been seminar on Saturday. Craig Yerbury – 12 years ago at 47 he dedicated his martial arts journey to Jiu-Jitsu. For Legion 13 he has been a true asset to the team. As a role model […]
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LESSON 3 OF THE INTRO 101 is online…..
📹 LESSON 3 INTRO 101 has now been added to the course. Members check your inbox this week for access!! 🛡️Standing self-defence to double leg/ tackle:☑️Standing guillotine☑️Guard guillotine 🛡️Guard bottom:☑️Guard arm lock 🛡️Guard top☑️Breaking closed guard☑️Staple pass 💻 When, you start at L13HILLS you also gain ACCESS to our Introduction 101 course in our online […]
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BJJ Black Belt Neutralized an attacker in a 7-11
Third-degree Chicago based black belt was simply going to 7-11 one night getting his kids some slurpees, little did he know that what would unfold would alter the course of his journey dramatically. In a nationally publicized encounter, Idriz Redzovic harmlessly neutralized an attacker that allegedly punched a 7-Eleven employee by taking him down and […]
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FREE Junior BJJ all school holidays.
👉Yes! All classes including our kids keep going as normal during the school holidays.Now, it is a little bit quieter for us during this time. Our members, are on holidays or are having a rest and that makes it a perfect time to welcome some new beginners into our junior programs. So we’ve decided to […]
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How do our Juniors achieve their first belt?
The things, we assess for our junior students to  achieve their first belt. Isn’t a set of techniques. We assess them on much more important skills, such as:👂 Listening 👀 Focus🧑‍🏫 Following instructions🤗 Being a good training partner Congratulations Havanna and River on achieving their first belt☺️
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