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Self-defense for children prepares them for MUCH more than physical altercations. It prepares kids for TRUE bullying. The kind of mental and emotional torture that does NOT stop when you leave the school grounds.

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children’s self-defence |  body strength, fitness & confidence

children’s self-defence in perth, Western Australia


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Martial Arts training for kids will DEFINITELY help.

From blocking punches, to defending simple schoolyard headlocks, to even more serious attacks.

L13Hills Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu kids program, prepares children for MUCH more than physical altercations. It prepares kids for TRUE bullying. The kind of mental and emotional torture that does NOT stop once they leave school grounds.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, but it happens all over the country, every day. In our kids self-defence classes, we can’t predict EVERY form of bullying, every little word, every little situation. So we don’t prepare them for every little situation. We build confidence DAILY through hard work.

Kids’ self-defence classes may benefit children in a variety of ways. They not only learn how to protect themselves but can also build self-esteem, confidence, and fitness at the same time.

we teach kids to value themselves for who they are.

When your child KNOWS deep down that they’re a valuable, important, awesome person, it’s REALLY hard for an insecure, angry, hurting bully (let’s admit it, bullies are all hurting on the inside) to be able to change your child’s mind.

If you want your child to learn basic martial arts skills along with social skills, core body strength, fitness, and confidence, we are here to assist you with our kids’ self-defence Perth classes. Your kids can learn quickly under the support and guidance of experienced coaches.

Legion 13 Perth Hills always supports a healthy, fun, and interactive environment for martial arts training so that the students can not only learn self-defence skills, but they can also know the importance of NOT getting into fights. Hence, our classes teach children a positive mindset. So, get ready to join a specialised program for children in our kid’s self-defence classes.

So we invite you, even if it’s just for our trial period, bring your child into our Martial Arts classes.Let them build themselves up on their own merits, and watch them start to lift their chin. Start to hold their heads high and their shoulders back. Watch them shrug off “bullies” like it’s no big deal.

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It REALLY does happen that way. It’s not an overnight silver bullet – it’s a long term process. your child CAN do it!

Why you should try our bjj junior program

Benefits of bjj kids self-defence perth

Self-discipline and self-defence

Improvement in learning habits


Build confidence and patience

Childrens Self Defence

Develop bully management skills

Socialising as kids can make new friends

Physically and mentally strong

Improved focus

About the Program

Why do children love legion 13 PERTH HILLS FOR SELF-DEFENCE TRAINING?


Informative and engaging classes

The kid’s self-defence classes at Legion 13 covers the full spectrum of self-defence skills. We always try to create informative and engaging martial arts classes for the kids so they can be fully involved in the class without being bored or losing interest.


Interactive experience

Each class of children’s self-defence training is interactive, which makes children form pairs, interact with each other, socialise and make new friends. 


Experienced instructors

Now here comes the most important reason why parents prefer Legion 13 over other training academies. At Legion 13 Perth Hills, there are no unqualified instructors. All the coaches are professional and well-trained in teaching your child basic self-defence skills!


Build confidence and leadership skills

Due to engaging, interactive classes and personalised attention toward every child, students can learn confidence and leadership skills, which are very important in every stage of their life.

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