New Lesson: 5 Rules for Closed Guard

March 07, 2022
Legion 13 Perth Hills

BJJ Introduction 101: 5 rules inside the closed guard

Being inside closed guard on top is one of the most difficult tasks when you start Jiu Jitsu. For a Jiu Jitsu fighter against someone not accustomed to it, its a huge advantage.

Before you even begin to pass you need to make sure that you shut down any offensive attacks from your opponent. Be patient and persevere with sticking to these 5 SAFETY RULES INSIDE CLOSED GUARD taught from our Introduction 101 BJJ course in Perth, Western Australia.

#1 Posture: Be all the way up or all the way down. Never half way!

#2 No hands on the mat: Try not to have hands on the mat at all. However, actively posting is okay but, only if necessary to prevent a sweep, though this will leave you vulnerable for a submission.

#3 Never one in, one out: Got to watch those triangles. Always 2 out or 2 in.

#4 Never cross the center line: For your opponent to arm bar or take your back they need to pull your arm across. Don’t give them a gift make them earn it. Keep your arms and hands in line.

#5 Square up: They need angles for pretty much every attack. Keep them directly in front of you with their shoulder blades flat on the mat.

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