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LESSON 3 OF THE INTRO 101 is online…..
📹 LESSON 3 INTRO 101 has now been added to the course. Members check your inbox this week for access!! 🛡️Standing self-defence to double leg/ tackle:☑️Standing guillotine☑️Guard guillotine 🛡️Guard bottom:☑️Guard arm lock 🛡️Guard top☑️Breaking closed guard☑️Staple pass 💻 When, you start at L13HILLS you also gain ACCESS to our Introduction 101 course in our online […]
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Hygiene Policy for Practitioners and Parents
Jiu-Jitsu is commonly known as a method of self-defense, but in truth, the underlying principles of this ancient art are focused on healthy living and self-discipline. In fact, Jiu-Jitsu is as much about philosophy and lifestyle as it is about takedowns, joint locks and choking the person next to you. For this reason, we try […]
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Introduction 101 BJJ Course ONLINE LESSONS !
  ➡️ NEW ONLINE COURSE LESSON RELEASE ALERT ⬅️ 🎓L13HILLS ONLINE University – Lesson one of the introduction 101 course is out. This course is INCLUDED with all memberships including our no obligation complimentary trial membership! 📖 Intro 101 online course is designed not as a replacement for actual training, but as an additional resource […]
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Member app download – How to….
PDF How to download the member app Download the app for Android Download the App for IPhone   Need your email ? or having trouble email
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